Safety & First Aid Training
Learn the skills for life!
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SL Sport & Education
Along with SL Sport & Education we are working in partnerhip to see vital life saving skills being taught in schools.  There is much awareness of how children can save lives and through specifically tailored and age appropriate programmes are thrilled to be able to provide flexible choice for learning first aid through our Junior First Aid packages.
Through a variety of age appropraite designed programmes we are able to offer various packages to suit the needs of educational esbalishments.

* First Aid & Multi-Sports Holiday clubs - during the school holidays a full fun packed day of activities including first aid is provided.

* NEW & COMING SOON! First Aid After School Activity Club - offering schools and parents opportunity for accessing our super termly after school first aid activity club.

​* Primary school package which fits into the PHSE National Curriculum Primary package and Youth First Aid for 11 - 14 years.
The Mother Side
We are thrilled to be collaborating with The Mother Side.  Our involvement see's Amelia, Founder of AG First Aid Training moderator of The Mother Side social media Group and one of the Cambridge Meet Up Co-ordinators.  Offering First Aid sessions and workshops we are working alongside The Mother Side supporting and encouraging confidence with first aid.
What's to come...

* We have our Parent & Family First Aid workshops and courses available through The Mother Side shop at
Monthly workshops in venues across Cambridgshire.

* NEW & COMING SOON Access our Baby Safe awareness sessions covering accident prevention and first aid through The Mother Side Cambridge Meet Up's.  We meet monthly at All Saints Church in Milton, Cambridge.

* EVEN MORE COMING UP...Online through The Mother Side group access learning first aid through interactive live videos.